Back at Uni for the 3rd Year

Straight into our new subject project for this year and it’s completely free. Knowing this over the summer, I started looking into which area of design I would like to go into an got it down to the following:

  • Mobility and devices for people with arthritis or rheumatics
  • Devices in the kitchen 
  • Safety in the workplace (consider both personal wear or vehicular safety)

So this first week has been all about understanding the initial problems that occurs in these areas of design.


For arthritis patients, the main issues seem to be their lack of independence when using standard products and the high amount of pain they suffer when attempting to use products that need grip or compression.
The first thought for this project would be to reinvent the idea of ‘grip’ and how a new device could be implemented to remove the need to using your hands at all. 

Devices in the kitchen can cause so man issues; including health and safety when using sharp objects, incorrect use of utensils, burning from pots and pan and more. Of-course these things that we use in the kitchen are made for purpose and cause issues because of their misuse.
What if better education was implemented into the household to make people more aware of the issues that happen everyday; or could to solution be to design a much safer kitchen system that removes as many dangers and risks as possible?

When it comes to safety in the workplace, I was able to gather some research over summer to find that the safety equipment used, was designed to look like safety equipment. This doesn’t sounds like much of an issue; however it may be the reason accidents still occur in the workplace, that people aren’t comfortable wearing it.
So to combat this, the design project would be to create a better aesthetic and more comfortable attire for safety equipment.  

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From these ideas I aim to develop a clear understanding of the gap in the market in and will use the following design principles to find a solution to the problem:

Define – Discover – Ideate – Prototype – Test – Implement 

Using this I will revisit each stage of the process before properly moving on the next, which will allow me to cover all areas of design to find the best solution for the issues above.