This is getting ‘Drilled’ in.

Some time has passed since my last reflection on this process, because so far, things are going well. My drill has been CNC’ed and I am now able to work on making a great looking facsimile model. This has also been accompanied by good progress on my A2 presentation boards. So here is the final CAD and the the CNC’ed model.

But i am now out of the pan and into the fire. Unfortunately due to the time constraints for all of the students to get a model CNC’ed. The quality of the models need work. From here i will be, filling, sanding, priming, sanding, painting, sanding and finally painting, again. With this I aim to create a model that would look like the real drill was in your hands. So to accomplish this, I will also need to obtain the internals for this design and the battery pack…

Thankfully, at our disposal are a few 3D printers unfortunately components, along with the battery pack will still took a whole weekend to print. Never the less I now have all of the components I would need to put my drill together.

Below are the images i then took to produce in context images on photoshop…

and as you can see from these close up’s, the model still needs work to make it look more like a finished product. So that will be the next step…


Drills for CNC (almost)!!

So this week the aim was to get a drill designed, put on CAD and ready for CNC. This was not completely achieved unfortunately due to the time taken to CAD up my design. Upon reflection this is probable something I should have take into account when scheduling this design process and in the future I aim to get to grips with surface modelling in solid-works. This would allow me to create more complex shapes in CAD in a shorter time.

So far however i manged to produce a final design. I have done this by creating models of different handles to see what grip would best suit a drill. Measurements were taken from existing drills to help influence the ergonomics and drive the design forward.

When it comes to the battery pack, it was stated in the brief that it must contain 10x 18 Volt standard lithium batteries, which in honestly a chunky battery:18650-battery-size-dimensions

Now I fully understand the constraints of the brief, that we must follow the  to ensure that we can run through a correct design process as it would be at industry level. However; I believe that if give the opportunity to change the charging of the battery, then we could use smaller batteries and make battery packs a lot more compact.

But as it stands, I am now on version 5 of my drills, going through different handles and different battery packs to get the perfect design for the target market. Below are the two models i made that would go on to influence my design the most.

The main reason for the handle was for the good ergonomics that it had. Even when asking others I was getting comments like “comfortable grip” and “good sized handle”. Which was great, as it meant that people will varying sized hands still found it comfortable. The same goes with battery, “the button is well placed”. But this was also faced with the same comment, “it’s a little bulky”. This as something i wish i could have changed; however because of the battery size ans the amount we needed, the battery pack had to be made large enough to incorporate this.

By the next blog, i will have finished and submitted my CAD design for CNC and should have started working on my final model.